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For body..

Beautiful Products

Offering 100% authentically natural in all things eKoo.. we’ve been making for over 17 years now! You are welome to explore our beautiful (and truly effective) skincare, essential oils, chai & tea infusions. They are created with certified organic ingredients wherever available, handcrafted and small batch - for both high efficacy and vibrational  frequency! eKoo products are intelligently, magically, naturally made - with genuine love for you & our planet! You'll feel the difference!

For soul..

Transformational Services

You are invited to explore our offerings by clicking the button below. We're currently updating these - to receive first any new releases, exclusive offers and inspiration, pop yourself on our mailing list. You'll be sure to know of any upcoming courses and retreats as well, facilitated with our eKoo founder and alchemist, Kerry Cleopatra.

“I believe we have everything within us – and when we’re ready - we come across all we need to support and remind us! No matter our story, we can live well, transforming (even more potent than healing), expanding, enjoying and understanding the adventure of being our truly amazing selves! My magic is seeing the magic in you - and guiding you to live yours!”  Much love, always, Kerry x

Pink Roses

Our most loved products

Graceful Age by eKoo organics

Graceful Age ~ Facial Care

Graceful Age is a creation for the woman who stands by herself and her own values - every step of the way! She chooses to grow and nurture herself with grace and candour - speaking her truth - and asking for truth in the daily care of the divine face she shows the world. She shares with her sisterhood. She shares with her family.


eKoo Graceful Age is the truth and power of Mother Earth - and like you - nothing false!  Enjoy Graceful Age Facial care - bottled with great love to honour us all!

Baby Kisses by eKoo organics

Baby Kisses ~ Family Care

Baby Kisses was created for the purity, truth and legacy we stand for - taking care of those we love to the moon and back!


Body Lotions, Natural Sun Care, Massage oil - suitable for our gorgeous little ones - and any beautiful age - renowned for effective and loving skin nutrition, healing and protection.

eKoo organics tea and chai

Tea, Chai Spice & Herbal Blends

These blends travel the world with many a tea lover - given, shared and sipped for sacred moments to self! The joy of tea is wise and internal!


Taking care of inside ourselves helps us radiate our beauty in the world - enjoy the perfect infusion for you with lovely moments - solo and shared!

eKoo ogranics aromatherapy oils

Pure Organic Essential Oils

You do have the love and power to nurture, transform, enrich and heal within your home, work, family - and daily life.. simply, effectively, naturally!  Truly - 100% certified organic essential oils from the best growers in the world!


Bottled in generous 15ml sizes - after all - if we're going to use a bottle - let's fill it up!

Skin Favourites


Women love to share good things!

Fabulous nurturing products that will uplift your body and spirit. I am an absolute convert.

Thank you!!

Kathryn from Williamstown

I've been a customer of eKoo skincare and infusions for over a year. I love and respect the product so much and the genuine care taken by the creator, Kerry. My skin says thank you for restoring its health!

Gail from Adelaide

I'm really enjoying using eKoo products. I like that they are hand made from 100% pure plant and also organic.

Debbie from Adelaide

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