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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

Are your products really 100% natural and organic?

YES! 100% natural…. Authentically. Everything is on the labels. Our founder actually created her own herbal preserving system - as the availability of anything that met her standard of natural, was simply not available. The herbal system is actually a major part of the benefits to your skin! And yes - it works - otherwise we'd be in trouble after over a decade of making and selling products!

'Natural' is often loosely used in the commercial world... what do you term 'natural'?

“eKoo will not use ‘nature identical’, or any other similar term for something that I feel has been adulterated, copied or changed from natures intelligence and natural chemistry! That’s why I use herbal extracts for vitamins and minerals, rather than lab derived vitamin additives – whether they are declared as natural or not!”

Are your products truly organic?

YES! And 100% natural…. Authentically - truthfully showing all on our labels for you! Everything on the labels illustrates the certified organic ingredients used. In some cases, eKoo products are 99% organic (still 100% natural). In most cases – they are 85% and above organic ingredients. Why not 100%? It's simple - some things just have not been certified on the planet... yet!  These include our zinc powder, natural vitamin E and plant based emulsifying wax. When or if these ever become available certified, no doubt we’ll grab them!

You have one facial care range for all skin types - how does this work for everybody? Can my teenager use it to?

YES! The Graceful Age range is perfect for teenagers!  We've been mis-led to believe we have to remove oil and clean til we squeek! In actuality - this kind of approach sets us up for inbalance. The skin - as does our whole body - seeks homoestastis... essentially a natural order and balance! Every action gets a re-action. So - stripping the skin of it's natural production of sebum, will result in a bigger response to replace that it. The skin kind of panics as it is sent a message of lack.  The skin goes through a rollar coaster of too much, too little - and it's never ending.  It's literally logical chemistry at play. The solution is  - approach with a balancing, harmonising action, so the skin does not over act again and again.  The Graceful Age Cleanser is nourishing, balancing and supports a more natural response in the skin. It is a generous cream that supports the skins natural balance point. It doesn't take too long for the skin to be healthier and happier (happy skin=happier more confident teen!).  There are other important factors to help teen skin - such as activities to reduce stress (stress triggers hormone stimulation!), and including healthier whole foods - daily (amongst some junk if that's what they're going to do anyway). Love and lead by example - everyone wins then! :)

Graceful Age of course is toxin free to - another bonus! For treating individual persistant spots - a drop of tea tree oil direct on the spot works a treat! There are other useful oils to - check out the aromatherapy oil uses in the shop section.  Feel free to contact us if we can be of any further help to give you and your teens a happier, healthier skin experience.

What can I use for sensitive skin?

The whole range is actually suitable for sensitive skin! Why? Well I created it to be inclusive of everybody. I literally do not use any harmful ingredients, nor do I create out of balance. I do create various ranges to be more focused on the physical and emotional stages of life. There are ranges more suitable for some than others - for example: Baby Kisses is the ideal choice for babies and children because of the aromatheray levels and the vibration. It is absolutely beneficial for the whole family as well.  Tribal Goddess is ideal for women as they mature (not young girls), simply because of the aromatherapy effects and intention/vibration. Men can use it - but it does support the feminine aspects of ourselves. Graceful Age is for everyone - except babies (it's not harmful for them - just not necessary, nor ideal with the essential oil levels. Mum's can wear it confident they are not sharing toxictiy with their precious bambino though!

What's so different about eKoo Skincare?

Our ‘ekoo ethics’ say a lot for where we come from – You can find them, and a little video from our founder Kerry, on the eKoo 'about' page. Here you can dig a little deeper into the depth of the eKoo foundations and commitment to being very, very real! Honest, goodness!

Are your products really vegan?

YES! 100% plant based (and clay's)! The ingredients and finished product are also free from cruelty. We also make sure that our ingredients are sourced from business' that do not test on animals!


One technical exception that so far 99% of Vegan customers have not been concerned with: We do have one ingredient that is not technically vegan - that is the Mother of Pearl shell used in the 'Skin Soft Exfoliator'. It would have originally been created by a sea creature which left it's home - this has then been collected and ground. We use it because it adds a benefit that is exquisite, and no pain was inflicted to a living creature for the privelidge. When formulating the exfoliator it felt natural and right to use it.  Feel free to leave it out of your routine if you're not feeling peace about it. Your feedback is welcome.

Is an eKoo workshop something like partyplan?

Hmmm… in a way – but better. I am an educator in all things to further our health, wellbeing, personal and planetary empowerment. Therefore, I can’t help but teach at every opportunity. So -no two workshops are ever quite the same. As I let everyone experience the eKoo range, which is beautiful and fun for all involved (unless they’re particularly grumpy and don’t like my humour! ????), I interweave knowledge, experience, intuition and fun amongst our gatherings. I have useful handouts for everyone to take home as well. I don’t ‘push’ to sell – I let my products sell themselves naturally throughout the beautiful, authentic experience. I’m also not attached to an outcome over the simple opportunity to inspire people’s lives with love and authenticity. The rest just flows as a result! I also get inspired to keep creating eKoo from such gatherings – as I see the joy and results time and time again and meet wonderful, colourful people!

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping is simple - we've chosen to do a flat rate service which is shown in your shopping cart for Australia wide delivery. International delivery is also capped. The capped rates are for 3 kg or less (generally a large collection fits easily) .


Bulk orders are quoted separately and do offer savings on your product total when you contact us with your request directly to quote for uniquely for you. 

Delivery can be expected in 3-5 business days in Australia. International is 2-4 weeks on average. We can quote for faster, alternative shipping where required.  Your custom and satisfaction with our service is very important to us - we care - and we're here to help wherever possible. Use our contact page for individual requests. 

Returns and Refunds

Can I return or exchange my order?

We have a 'love it or return it' guarantee.  We do this because we want you to feel comfortable to try something confidently - no risk of obtaining another dust collector or cabinet filler! We really trust you'll have read up on our ingredients ethos - and choose wisely knowing your needs. 

Because a lot of people promise a lot of things online... we feel you need some reassurance that we back what we say. So - happy guarantee it is! 


Here's the simple, reasonable fine print for you: 


If you haven’t used the product, we’ll exchange it, or refund you in full using the same method of payment as your initial purchase.

If you’ve used less than 25% of the product, we’ll offer a full refund or offer a product exchange. If you’ve used more than 25% of the product, refund or exchange is at the discretion of our founder, who will happily chat with you to see what's happening, and what can be done.

If a product needs to be returned to us - postage is the only minimal risk you are responsible for - however - if there is anything that went wrong with the product making it to you safely - we will post you another on us immediately!

We can’t exchange or refund gift vouchers or promotional items.

If you’re not happy with your order, for any reason - please tell us.  Your feedback is valued and we're here to make shopping with us easy and a joy - we’ll always try to help you where we can.

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