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This is for those who love the human difference - for your unique self!

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Skin Care Consultation
& Treatment

Mobile & In-house

Great for trying our product and learning exactly what would make a beautiful difference for your skin!  A full facial including exfoliation and masque - truly blissful and immediate results that can be seen and felt under your fingertips!

Each session takes around 45 mins (including consult) and can be done mobile or on premise (Barossa Valley). 


A 45min session is $75

Receive a $45 voucher redeemable on eKoo product! (full paying clients only)

Bookings/enquiries can be made using our contact form or phone 0404 0777 04  

Acupuncture Treatment

Earth & Light Facial

More than skin deep

An Earth & Light Facial is a beautiful experience offered by our founder, Kerry. Kerry has been an energy practitioner for over 15 years - and integrates intuition, energy and light into your facial treatment. You will experience a full body energy cleanse as well, easing away imbalance and stress (Two things that don't feel good, and are aging!)


Each session takes just over an hour and can be done mobile or on premise (Barossa Valley). 


Full session is $120

(A fee may apply for mobile)

Bookings can be made using our

contact form or via phone 0404 0777 04  


Private Workshop

Gather your good women folk for some fun & nourishing moments!

eKoo workshops are so much fun - an opportunity to learn, feel, touch, smell and choose exactly what is right for you! 

See our eKoo shop for current workshop dates. You are welcome to register your interest on our contact page - we'll send you the full details on how to attend a public workshop - or host your own.


Our social media pages announce upcoming workshops and

talks by our founder as well! :)

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