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Pink Petals
Our Ethos

Organic.. authentic.. gorgeous!

100% natural product - and most of our ingredients are certified organic!

All ingredients are added in true quantities for real benefit... not just a fancy label!

All products are lovingly energised & hand made - you’ll know the difference!

‘eKoo’ creates with a conscience... No animal testing! No synthetic anything!

We guarantee our products! Try eKoo with peace of mind.

What’s so different about eKoo... We keep it real!
Our Founder
Lovingly Energised,
Conscious Creations

Created in 2007, eKoo was born from a listening into, a dream and a collaboration with our sacred Mother Earth. Founded by Kerry Cleopatra (Earth healer, medicine woman.. amongst other wonderful hats!).. eKoo is here to offer you the highest quality, authentically (for real!) natural skincare! Made by heart and hand, using traditional, artisan methods, eKoo honours people, animals & planet.


The eKoo products truly are, Mother Earth's wisdom and creations for us all - made a physical reality through Kerry and the beautiful growers of such divine ingredients!

The birth of her second child, seemed to be that last straw needed to raise the fire in Kerry's belly and dreams, to overcome fears and follow her heart call. She prefers to be part of awareness, change and solutions in our world, rather than simply complain! Skincare everywhere was claiming to be natural, but most often, simply were not in truth.  There was a rising desire from people, like you, that asked for (and deserve) better. And so, with very humble beginnings, came the very first cream - the gentle and nurturing Baby Kisses Gentle Moisture. From seeing the genuine results people were experiencing, Kerry grew her range to include skincare for all the family - with a strong focus on blending energy and organics for supporting women! Support a woman.. you support a community!

Kerry handcrafts each individual creation from the literal beginning of a products creation (no pre-made bases etc).  They're made in a workshop space, set in nature, in the beautiful countryside of South Australia. Each product and its pure ingredients were divinely channeled - and Kerry continues to pour this conscious, loving energy into each small batch she creates.  You can honestly feel the difference!


These are created to be more than skin deep. You feel beautifully nourished and genuinely improve not only the look, but the health of your self loving practice and skincare.

eKoo redifines beauty.. it's more than skin deep!

You will see more of the energy and personal transformation side of things being offered by Kerry coming through, as she merges her private practice with the new expression of eKoo, Body & Soul. Kerry is on a peaceful, yet passionate mission to expand the reach and access for women to understand energy, themselves and transform area's of life that no longer serves any of us - and likely keeps joy in daily life, just out of reach for many! The world is changing, as is nature. We can expand whole heartedly alongside our amazing, infinitely wise and beautiful Mother Earth. Together.


Oh - and eKoo fiercely refuses to use any synthetic / nature identical chemicals or over manipulated natural ingredients, and contains many of the most valued organic ingredients available – in true quantities, regardless of expense! Pure, high efficacy ingredients are why the feel and results are incredible!

So if you’re looking for inner and outer magic, health, nourishment for body & soul, and the joy of genuine artisan products that inspire you to fall head over heels in love with your gorgeous, divine self - and our beautiful planet - eKoo was created for you! x

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