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Breathe in, breathe out

Feel in, feel out

Here is your invitation beautiful soul woman xx


This is 7 days of leaning into raising your brilliance, your innate purpose filled, joyful brilliance!

We create space, understand, flow with our natural wild nature. We shift, transform and make new. We bring ourselves into the Divine relationship with ourselves and all that is.


With space, there is freedom.

In freedom, there is lightness.

In lightness, we rise!


This is knowledge you know, knowledge you need to remember, knowledge important for our now, knowledge to embody. This is to be felt and experienced - immersed with. You cannot avoid change.. let's shift and shape your life beautiful!


A little more info..

You dream.

You create.

You are energy in motion.

Let's clear the way for your wholehearted dreaming, to experience life true to your innate nature!


Becoming all of who we are is a practice, a creation, an expansion, always in progress. We will be holding space and practice for sweet, sweet, real transformation! We’ll be covering guilt, loss,  success, failure, depression, suppression, and all the things that might come up and can keep you in loops of wrack and ruin, so to speak. This is personal to and for you.


We’ll understand and invite transformation for energy loops and holds within our bodies, individually and collectively.

We will explore principles of living that can offer freedom and genuine transmutation from suffering.

We’ll be re -remembering all the lovely simple things you can do to be well.. and the breakthroughs to park the bullshit that keeps you from the important doing to support your being!

I’ll be offering wisdom through experience, that spans lifetimes!


This is raw, honest, in the moment for this intimate group - to transform as is for your highest good and the highest good for all concerned, across all dimensions of time. I am like a firm, loving, ever present guide, an Earth Mother and sacred woman who walks the way with you. I am here to help you remember, as you requested a long, long time ago beautiful!


This is simply 7 days.. yet offers a lifetime of tools and transformation uniquely available for you. Perhaps this is your reset, your shift, your change, your completion, your next living expression.. this experience will be unique to you, private as you like, shared as you wish. You can join our private group if you like, or go solo (ish) this time. However you are feeling in.

You are ready for this if:

You feel drawn

You are willing to let go, next level

You know it’s time to raise up, next level

You’re open to surrender (to your highest truth and all that is)

You are done with the mind field

You’re ready to open to your heart field

You don’t proclaim to know it all (I can assure you, I do not!)

You want to live more often than not in sweet, Divine flow..

You’re aware of magic.. even if you're not all so sure

You would love to learn and realise more about you

You desire joy in your life.. more often than not!

You’re curious about living your full embodiment...

And… most importantly.. whatever comes in for this unique experience and our beautiful collective will be our 7 Beautiful Days direction!

7 Beautiful Days, Daily practise & presence to remember, transform & shift

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