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Slightly lighter in texture than original 'Gentle Moisture', this nourishing lotion has the renowned sun block benefits of titanium dioxide & zinc. Nurture and protect, naturally, at any age or skin type, particularly suitable for sensitive skin. 



Handmade with the grace & wisdom of Mother Earth, further empowering the all natural & organic* ingredients of: rose* hydrosol; energised water; extra virgin olive oil*, cetearyl & ceteareth 20 (plant emulsifier); calendula*, sunflower*, jojoba*, avocado*, sesame*, coconut* cold pressed oils; titanium dioxide & zinc oxide; grapefruit seed*, bilberry*, white tea* & pomegranate* extracts; lavender*, mandarin*, patchouli* & chamomile* pure essential oils.

Baby Kisses Gentle Sunshine 250ml

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