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English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

Camellia sinensis Tea Leaf


'A hearty tasting tea loved by many for the morning brews! Truth be told - we also love it anytime!'


This AMAZING tea is picked and retained as larger size pieces of tea leaf - offering a superior brew!  We also buy in small batches, to ensure your brew is fresh!  (sadly, most commercial tea's are so old before they reach our cup... this means they are simply not as flavoursome, nor hold the high level of beneficial efficacy teas naturally offer for our wellbeing! 


We've found the beautiful flavours of this organic leaf tea leads the taste buds, rather than tanin levels and bitterness that can often spoil a good tea (smaller pieces brew quicker, but just don't taste as good - an extra minute to brew is sooo worth it!) 


This tea does contain caffiene, naturally, however - many of us sensitive ones do find it a wonderful tea to drink - without the usual negative tannin and caffiene effects! 


English Breakfast Tea 100gm Cannister

  • Once you've got your cannister - save a few dollars and the environment even further by simply refilling. Enjoy x

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