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An incredible combination of effective dry ingredients to gently exfoliate and regenerate. Simply moisten with the cleanser or toner (you can use plain filtered water.. I just love this with the cleanser though!), and rotate gently to stimulate circulation, remove dead skin cells, deeply cleanse, enliven & renew your gorgeous natural glow!  Avoid the more delicate eye area. Then leave on for around 10-15 minutes for the masque to do it's magic!


This is an imperative product for allowing deeper moisturisation to take place - and a truly beautiful experience! The glow is both seen and felt!  Just once a week is plenty so your jar will last you nearly a years worth of treatments!

Handmade with the wisdom of our Divine Mother Earth and all natural & organic* ingredients of: ground almond meal*, French argile (illite) and kaolin clays,  hibiscus flowers*, peppermint leaf*, rose petals*, lotus flowers*, sandalwood*, cucumber* and aloe vera* powder: and LOVE!

Graceful Age Skin Lift Exfoli-Masque

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