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Lemon oil is essentially used for: infections, colds, flu, aids circulatory system, blood flow, reducing blood pressure, nosebleeds, reducing fever, relieve throat infections, bronchitis, asthma and flu. Aids the digestive system, soothes headaches, migraines and muscular problems and clears greasy skin and hair. Cold sores, herpes, boosts the immune system and cleanses the body, improves the functions of the digestive system, and it is helpful with constipation, dyspepsia and cellulite. 

-Therapeutic properties: anti-anemic, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic,, antiseptic, bactericidal, carminative, diuretic, haemostatic, hypotensive, insecticidal, tonic and vermifuge.

-Spiritual and Emotional Influence: Because it is cleansing to spiritual bodies as well as the liver and kidney, it will release patterning and open the heart centers. The result is joy and hopefulness with clear thought.


**eKoo essential oils are of the highest, 6 star certified organic grade:

"All Certified Organic produce (inc. essential oils) is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices through soil and land health, and balanced eco-systems.
These oils have each been produced from the named Botanical species, from one single origin, and by the specified method of extraction. They contain no inputs or other technical additions. They have not been blended, nor formulated. Oil origin is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO)."

Lemon (Citrus Limonum) - 100% organic, pure essential oil 15ml

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