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  • You are creation with purpose and absolute love
  • You are more capable than you think
  • More whole than you know
  • More magick than you remember
  • Let’s enjoy some time and space together
  • We can play, shine, awaken our most beautiful expressions.
  • Let’s embody living well, creating, loving, transforming, expanding


Breathe in, breathe out

Feel in, feel out

Here is your invitation beautiful soul woman xx


There is spaciousness in this day together, deepening, holding, releasing, unveiling the next fullness of your heart and soul expression.


There is food – taught in the way of ‘Nutrition with Intuition’. These workshops were some of the most loved and popular I’ve run, evoking transformative relationships with ourselves and our way of nourishing. These are focused on our foods for now times – ways to be well in both challenges and abundance, freeing us from all the noise that has us confused and concerned. Simple, profound – so delicious! This is hands on for us all!


There is movement – inspired from your body’s innate wisdom. Tapping into this changes everything and deepens your relationship with your body. Coming into your body is known as ‘embodiment’ and in my experience – is a potent, most important life changing level of being! It won’t happen over night.. but will happen! 😉


There is space – clear, loving, safe, insight – potent channelling for your highest good and the highest good of all! This is offered as a collective and for every one that would like on the day. This will likely move you to tears in some way (of joy &/or release), due to the depths of truth and alignment you experience.


There is fun – these are lovely surprises as we immerse in our day and ourselves – I have found transformation and life is best not taken too seriously all the time!


There is a pool – this is part of the opening up, letting go and anything that you might feel a cleansing, gorgeous immersion in water offers you in the moment! Oh – and fun as we celebrate and close our day together with some play (indoors is also an option should we need to flow with the weather and day!)


Is this for you? I feel you can feel into that – and here’s a little help to be sure:


  • This is for the woman that is moved by what she has just read above!
  • This is for the woman who embraces being present and flexible in the flow of the day, understanding that magick (our attunement with life/spirit), miracles and Divinely inspired days works that way for our highest good. I have plans and insight into this day as it has been felt and received through me, alongside experience and passion to share very real and beautiful ways to live life beautifully. I live, love and honour what I offer to you. I just love to create experiences that are for you and humanity, and are unforgettable.. in a really magickal way!
  • This is for you, the beautiful, sacred woman, that loves connection, being real, wisdom, grace, kindness and humour! You appreciate feeling free to unravel, open, remember, nourish, transform and embody in a safe, honourable space.


And here – you can remember, rekindle, renew, who you are now. To open to your soul call. To understand and transform as you need, now.


Exchange: $333 All inclusive


Fascilitated, allowed, received, inspired.. with me, Kerry Cleopatra, and your guides, spirit, wisdom x

Sacred Woman, embodying our call

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