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Tea tree is essentially used for: immune system, bacteria, fungi, viruses, influenza, cold sores, catarrh, glandular fever, gingivitis, bronchial congestion, asthma, coughs, sinusitis, whooping cough and tuberculosis, shock, vaginal thrush, cystitis, genital infections, abscesses, acne, burns, herpes, oily skin, athlete's foot, cold sores, blemishes, nappy rash, warts, sunburn, infected wounds, dandruff.

-Therapeutic properties: immuno-stimulant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, bactericide, cicatrisant, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and sudorific.

-Emotional and Spiritual Influence: Eases mental stress and purifies the mind and body of emotional wounds. Once old wounds are released (or healed), the body can then change the behavioral patterns that led to the wounding to begin with.  This may be particularly helpful for those that play the victim or "poor me" role. The emotional roots are often associated with distrust of self or others, guilt and shame - can be released with the assistance of Tea Tree.


**eKoo essential oils are of the highest, 6 star certified organic grade:

"All Certified Organic produce (inc. essential oils) is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs with a focus on environmentally sustainable practices through soil and land health, and balanced eco-systems.
These oils have each been produced from the named Botanical species, from one single origin, and by the specified method of extraction. They contain no inputs or other technical additions. They have not been blended, nor formulated. Oil origin is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO)."

Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) - 100% organic, pure essential oil 15ml

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