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Yogi Chai Spice 50gm Tin includes only 100% certified organic spices of Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Peppercorns, Cloves, Love & Authenticity


Spicy, divine, authentic - like having a hug on the inside!


The spice benefits are a big list - here are some of the most popular known: digestion, circulation & immune support, anti-bacterial, blood sugar balancing, heat/cool balancing. This is a very active, high efficacy blend - arguably - the best spices available on the planet!


To make a delicious cup:

Healthy chai tonic - a simple brew using just a flat tsp of spice mix for a cup - infuse for 5 mins, strain - enjoy!


The nourishing Chai Latte - essentially - the very best taste and balance tends to happen when you brew the spice mix on the stove in a 1/3 water to 2/3 milk ratio. First - brew the spice in the water for around 5 minutes (Use 1 small or flat tspn per cup). Then add your choice of milk & sweeten with good honey. Heat until hot, strain & serve - so gentle & nourishing…



  • For a spicier result - simply brew longer, allow the richer infusion of spice & milk to happen - a chai moment of heaven!
  • Re-use your spices! Add more water & simmer again for a second or third brew! Store in fridge for later.
  • If adding leaf tea - add once the spice blend is brewed (once tea is added, best to steep for around a minute to avoid bitter tea). Strain off your spices first so you can re-use them for an extra cuppa.


Note: If you are unfamiliar with spices - check with your health professional for any contra-indications.


Yogi Chai Spice 50gm

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